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  • PROJECT # 140602


Breast Cancer is a leading cause of female cancer mortality worldwide with >458,000 deaths annually. This Company has developed a unique test which offers a great competitive edge.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Worldwide, cervical cancer is second most common and the fifth deadliest cancer in women. 98% of cervical cancer are due to a virus called HPV (Human Papilloma Virus).This Company has developed different formats of HPV tests.


This Company itends to distribute on a OEM basis, a complete Liquid-Based-Cytology Pap test system.


In China, 11 000 000 children per year are born before the term "ordinary" minimum fixed to the 37th week of gestation (SG). Over 1 million babies die annually from preterm birth complications. This Company has co-developed a unique test which could be promoted as a screening test in China.

Keywords : Breast cancer, HPV, Pap test, Bacterial Vaginosis, OEM

  • PROJECT # 140603


Only 60 million, or 3.8% of the 1.6 billion women eligible for breast cancer screening worldwide are actually screened. The 96.2% of women worldwide that are not being screened translates into costly and unnecessary medical treatment and most significantly - death. It also leaves an opportunity to capitalize on the gaping $3.2 billion implied market value for screening services that should be performed.

This problem is finally being addressed by a company who is bringing accessible, next generation diagnostics to market. The company’s flagship device, a “Lab-in-the box” , resolves the two systemic engineering issues in modern clinical diagnostics and enables the 96.2% of women not being screened for breast cancer, the ability to be screened. The company’s product can be applied to any diagnostic test for illness for both women and men, rich and poor.

This is a medical device company that is developing a new class of wireless and wearable physiological sensors using a novel, very low energy radio frequency technology. This transformative technology enables new physiologic monitoring applications and drives product opportunities in both clinical and consumer digital health markets. The technology is akin to ultrasound but has some improved characteristics in working through fat, bone and air cavities. Furthermore, the technology can be implemented in small wireless sensors and is more accurate than ultrasound. Products may be designed for multiple-use or recurring revenue disposables in clinical markets.

Keywords: Breast cancer, screening tests, clinical diagnostics 

  • PROJECT # 140604


The company addresses maternal-fetal and baby care innovation in the developing world. The Company is funded with social impact investments and grants and works closely with various organizations to develop and deploy transformative solutions that save lives. New Intrapartum monitor demanded since existing remote systems are unreliable and this Technology can reduce complications in delivery by having a permanent contact with OB/Gyn.

Keywords: fetal monitoring, intrapartum, OB/Gyn 

  • PROJECT # 140605


The Company has developed a disruptive (device-based) treatment for osteoporosis. The underlying technology is based upon extensive research in the USA in electrical bone stimulator, and has a well-protected intellectual property. This technology provides the missing link in electrical stimulation and precision delivery of a highly specific signal that is tuned to regulate specific genes of interest. The Company has an exclusive license of the patented methods and device technology for the localized treatment of Osteoporosis. The product is a non-invasive medical device “wearable” system that provides precise electrical signals to stimulate an increase in bone density. The technology has demonstrated a complete reversal of bone deterioration associated with osteoporosis.

Keywords: osteoporosis, bone generation,calcium


See breast and cervical cancers in women’s diseases section and Hodkin lymphoma, hepatic and pancreatic cancers, neuroblastoma in the innovative drugs section.

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