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The Company has developed a unique approved ingredients formulation which reduces the frequency of injections to several months, reduces the amount of drug required , reduces systemic side effects with local delivery, does not modify the pharmacological activity of the drugs, enhances patent life. The Company has undertaken the development of injectable sustained release technologies that would allow any biologic drug to be formulated for many months of stable and controlled release – locally in a target organ or in bolus for systemic therapy. This technology is broadly applicable to all drug types with minor adaptions, and ongoing development for peptides and small molecules continues to expand capabilities.The problem with biologic drugs, which currently sell over $50 billion a year, is that they have to be injected or infused repeatedly. Depending on the drug, daily or weekly injections are the norm – this limits the potential indications, has safety complication, and is very inconvenient for the patient while being expensive for the health care system.

For example, anti-VEGF biologics are used to treat wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), and these require weekly/monthly injection into the Human Eye. We have demonstrated that we can change that interval to three or six months, which is substantial relief for the patients. Similarly, we have taken anti-TNF, used for various rheumatological diseases, and demonstrated how a single injection could replace months of routine injections.

The Company's technology has been developed to enable sustained release of proteins and macro-molecular drugs through local injectable biodegradable depot formulations. The Company's technology can be applied in therapeutic areas such as ophthalmology, oncology, neurology, neuro-oncology and rheumatology. The customizable release kinetics spans a range from a few days to many months, allowing for multiple clinical indications throughout the body. The tunability of the system allows the Company to create a variety of release profiles for a chosen indication and target. The system is particularly
beneficial for direct delivery into difficult to treat tissues.

All pharmaceuticals and cosmetics companies in the world are potential customers.
Keywords : drug delivery,ophtalmology, oncology, neurology, neuro-oncology, rheumatology

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